New place, new faces

New place, new faces

After a quiet summer, the Blender BPY/BGE workshops are back for a new academic year with lots of stuff in their pockets. We will introduce new faces and plan to invite personnalities regularly to give something we might call a “master class”, of course, around the topic of Python coding in the context of Blender. But we’ll keep you informed on this in later posts. Just stay tuned.

As a way to stay tuned, and since some of us dinosaurs are still enjoying email, we’ve set up a mailing list over at Lurk. Even if you don’t like mailing-lists, Lurk is providing a forum-like interface to enter the discussion. So please subscribe there so you don’t miss any of our following announcements. For general talks around Blender in Belgium, we will still use the BBUG forums. Our mailing list is just a simpler communication tool around the Blender-Brussels workshops. (This website has also an RSS feed in case you still use this technology)

New place.

After 3 years, Variable has closed doors. Out of this great experiment by Constant, a group has started a new experience called F/LAT that will host the following Blender-Brussels workshops and many more projects. So mark down the address: 45, rue du Canal and come pay a visit.

New faces

For this workshop, the overall objective is “step in, please”. We want to welcome new participants and refresh the memories of the old ones. So, since we use Github for our documentation and project sharing, we will give an introduction to the use of Git and how it can benefit Blender users and coders. If you want to push and pull with us, branch and commit or if you would like to try it but were scared to ask, now is the opportunity to fix that and come enjoy with us the practice of creative collaboration.

The next subject of this introductory workshop will be to play around with basic moddeling tools using code. What we want to achieve is the automatic generation of 3D objects with simple scripts. If stiching vertices, gluing faces and creating geometry out of the blue is a thing, well, then we’re doing it and you can be one of us.

As always, the workshop is free and open to anyone. No previous knowledge of anything is required, just a will to share and learn together. Bring your own laptop, though.

Since the space is not fully extensible, please send a mail to juego [at] requiem4tv . com to register a seat.


Wendy joined us in the morning with some questions regarding MakeHuman and how to modify the models inside Blender. The idea was to play around with the parameters of of MakeHuman, attach a skeleton to it and import it all in Blender. Then play around with the bones to change the pose of the model, use modifiers to influence the topology and export everything as an .stl file for 3D printing.

First result of the day: a wonderful makehuman export in meshlab! Ogre

In the afternoon, Félix and Kevin joined the group. So we made a crash course on the use of Git and how to participate in the documentation of the workshops in Github.

Wendy then closed the workshop with this great video: Liars - Mess on a Mission.

For those who like greenkey, motion tracking and glitch.

This event was hosted at F/LAT − 45, rue du Canal − 1000 Brussels on Saturday 20th September 2014, starting at 10:00 and finishing at 18:00. This event was funded by the Digital Arts Commission of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.