Digging Blend4Web

After 3 masterclasses in a row, Blender-Brussels is returning to more usual kind of workshop, exploring together Blender features related to code, from the 9th floor of F/LAT.

With the latest developpment of the Blend4Web framework, we thought it might be interesting to gather a whole day to explore the different tools and scripts offered by the SDK. As you might already know, Blend4web is a tool (closely integrated with Blender) thats permits to export 3D scenes to WebGL format, to be displayed in a browser. Blend4Web comes with a set of tools for adding interactivity to these 3D scenes that permit to create rich audio-visal applications.

So this Blender-Brussels workshop could be an opportunity for web developpers and 3D artists to gather around and work on some Javascript and Python code to join both worlds.

As always, this is not a regular class, but more an open space for exploration, with a dedicated theme. So expect discussions, discoveries and knowledge sharing.


After a 4 hours struggle with the javascript API of Blend4Web, we finally succeed to understand the beast!

Baked animation and custom keys by Vincent Gires – View onlineDownload archive

HMTL controls over animation by François Zajéga – View onlineDownload archive

Sounds interesting to you? Then please send a mail to juego (at) requiem4tv (dot) com to book a seat.

The Blender-Brussels is a series of monthly free and open workshops dedicated to Python creative coding using Blender. Started by François Zajéga and Julien Deswaef in 2012, these have become a regular meeting point for anyone interested in experimenting with code. It works as a communal space to exchange ideas and share knowledge as a way to learn. All results of these practices − exercises and documentation produced during the workshop − are shared online under an open source license.

This event is hosted at F/LAT − 45, rue du Canal − 1000 Brussels on Saturday 7th February 2015, starting at 10:00 and finishing at 18:00.

This event is funded by:


Digital Arts Commission of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation