Blender as a presentation software

Blender can certainly display images, text and videos, but it can do so in realtime with the game engine. This then makes it certainly an awkward but good candidate for slide-based presentations.

For the Constant/Variable exhibition coming in june at Kriekelaar, we want to display a slide-show of Blender works done during our workshop sessions.

So the idea for the day is, from an xml file describing each slide and its content, build python scripts that could load all this into a prepared .blend file. The resulting blender project could then be launched as a realtime slide-show application and navigated as such (going back and forth).

The script could be useful for anyone wanting to do a slide-based presentation with Blender because changing the xml file content would then create a different presentation.

Interested in this or in Blender hacking, don’t hesitate to come join us. It’s free and open to anyone, even if you think you don’t know enough.

We are an open group interested in knowledge sharing.

Please send a mail to juego [at] requiem4tv . com if you plan on joining us.

This event is hosted at Variable, 80 rue Gallait − Schaerbeek starting at 10:00 and finishing at 18:00.