Zoom from nowhere

Zoom from nowhere

The theme of this workshop was accidently determined by this question from Rorts on Reddit:

« I want to create an effect like https://vimeo.com/45550493. I have a folder that contains thousands of images that I would like to use. How can I make this happen in blender without 99 hours of work? I would assume that a particle system and billboards would be the answer, but I haven’t found anything about it yet. »

The original work is Zoom from nowhere by Chris Timms.

To recreate this in Blender, we used an existing addon called “Import images as planes” and hooked that to a particle generator. Then a python script was created to scrape Google images and feed the particle generator with interesting content.

The final render of the projet:

Download the .blend files and necessary scripts here.

This event was hosted at Variable, 80 rue Gallait − Schaerbeek starting at 10:00 and finishing at 18:00.