Blender Lookback

The subject of the workshop was “Blender lookback” as inspired or parody of the (in)famous”Facebook lookback”. The idea was to work on a series of scripts to automate the creation of movies based on images and videos taken from a folder. Ideally, by changing the content of the folder and re-running the scripts, we would obtain a “different” movie.

The theme was suggested by Sophie, who hosts a radio show on Radio Campus. She wants to automate the creation of gifs for each of her readio show based on a folder containing videos and a series of still pictures she draws.

During the workshop, a special python script was cooked and would follow those simple steps: # load a video file and scale it (keeping the aspect ratio) # load a list of images into the sequencer # use them as a mask on a plain color layer # launch the video rendering (here configured as a TIFF sequence)

The series of tiff images was then converted into a .gif with imagemagick.

Blender lookback

All blend files are available here.

This event was hosted at Variable, 80 rue Gallait − Schaerbeek starting at 10:00 and finishing at 18:00.